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Best of 2012: Day 27 - Podcast

I started listening to podcasts at work this year and I’ve tried many and only stuck with a few from week to week, if anyone has any other suggestions I’m very open to that because I love listening to these.

10 - The Bombcast

A very very long podcast about video games…I don’t always finish them, but I really enjoy the stories that come along with the news.

9 - War Rocket Ajax

The folks over at Comics Alliance always have the best articles about comics so their podcast is something I genuinely enjoy as well.

8 - Rob Has a Podcast

I only started listening to this recently and I’m eager for Survivor to start back up as I’m sure it’s going to get a lot better while the season is on. Rob Cesternino is still my favorite.

7 - Wait, You Haven’t Seen

I love the concept of this more than the execution sometimes.  I just wish I had a friend who was a movie know it all who hasn’t actually seen any of the movies you’re “supposed” to have seen.  I’m constantly astonished that he hasn’t actually seen all of these.

6 - Judge John Hodgman

John Hodgman doing his very best Judge Judy impression, Brooklyn Court Room Broadcasts just got a whole lot better!  Also more pretentious but on him it’s adorable.

5 - Savage Lovecast

As soon as I found out Dan Savage was doing a podcast I was on board, he’s consistently the best.

4 - Satellite Dish with Justin and Sydnee

I love Justin McElroy so I started listening to this and he and his wife (unsurprisingly) have wonderful chemistry that makes it a joy to listen to every week, even when I haven’t watched most of the shows they are talking about.

3 - Throwing Shade

From the first clip I heard of Throwing Shade I was on board, as it happens this is the only podcast that I came “in the middle to” and have listened to every episode from when it first started.  Bryan and Erin are just the best.

2 - Decompressed

This isn’t always the most entertaining but it’s one of the best podcasts I’ve ever listened to, it’s so much fun to hear creators really talking about their work, and it’s just as fun to hear Kieron Gillen talking about their work, HAHA!

1 - My Brother My Brother and Me

This is the podcast that started it all for me.  It’s definitely my favorite and I can’t get enough of the brothers McElroy.